Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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I know it's been a while, but you have to admit, the news to follow is good:

Our graphics are back up! Thanks a bunch to our shady host! We've got a number of exciting posts coming up:

Coming from Maganrord in the near future:
  • Why should you give a rat's calf about gulls?
Sometimes it's a cuteness game, but there's more to be had, even when the bird banding laboratory loses all data on the gull you've been painstakingly photographing! C'mon!
  • What is unique or interesting about the genetics of Alcatraz's ravens?
Hint: There is no hint! Ravens are cryptic! Duh! Read the upcoming post!

At Maganrord, we're geared up to report on babies of every type. It's not just ravens and gulls. It's sparrows, egrets, herons, a certain falcon, a certain goose, and it's a certain theatrical hunger display that we've come to call The Dinosaur Dance! Yay!

And there will be videos, videos, videos!

Thanks to you, our readership for tolerating a slow posting schedule of late. We fully intend to make it up to you in the coming days.


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