Monday, January 18, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Big Bad Ravens

In the ancient mythologies of the American Pacific-Northwest, Ravens were often trickster deities.

Well I'm here to tell you that it's not a myth. AT ALL.

We have a breeding pair of ravens on the island (who you will be introduced to in a future post). Today I came upon them hanging out in our historic Victorian gardens. Our gardeners work extremely hard to maintain both the beauty and historical accuracy of these gardens. Being the tricksters they are, the ravens obviously find this HILARIOUS.

Upon landing in the garden, the first thing the male raven did was investigate some bamboo edging that had been painstakingly placed there. And he deemed it stupid so he pulled it up. The female stood by, amused I'm sure at the thought of the gardeners showing up in the morning and exclaiming "What kind of jerk would come down here and pull up our bamboo edging for NO REASON?"

Seeing how much his random vandalism amused his lady, the male raven then decided he was going to pretend he was a classy Victorian gentleman and proceeded to walk around the garden paths, strutting like he owned the place. The female cawed in appreciation at his antics.

Can you believe the nerve of these guys?


Anonymous said...

Great pics guys.So that's what ur doing on ur free time!

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