Saturday, January 23, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Looking toward the months ahead, cont'd

After reading Bourbonhawk's terrific post in which she used her photographs and remembrances of nesting seasons past to look forward to 2010, I had to contribute one of my own.

Will these beleaguered cormorants return?

Or will we be again faced with a full summer of this:

If they come back, will their numbers be anywhere close to where they were two years ago, when they were the most numerous bird on the island? Or will the recovery of the Alcatraz cormorant colony be slow and difficult?

Will any smiley mallard couples be joining us?

It can get pretty metal out there. Between our warlike western gulls, our massive and cunning ravens and marauding birds of prey, what carnage will be wrought in 2010?

Is that an untended seagull fledgeling I spy down there?

And... well hello there. Who are you? And just what do you have to do with Alcatraz?

Stay tuned to MAGANRORD to find out, and for soul shattering coverage of Alcatraz Nesting Season 2010!


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