Saturday, March 6, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Photos from the week:

Our Canada Geese are back in a major way. On a recent survey around the island I counted at least 10 pair. A large portion of them will surely nest on the island. These are what I can only assume are the same pair that come back to the Rec Yard every year:
Canada Geese in the Rec Yard

Another Rec Yard resident is our "World Famous" Black Phoebe:
World Famous Black Phoebe of the Rec Yard
We have these guys all over the island, but without fail you can find this one sitting on the same perch on the fence, day after day.

On Tuesday morning, it was raining pretty steadily and on our way up the hill we encountered the male raven on a new (to us) perch:
Male raven, croaking and keeping dry
Under the eaves of Building 64. He was croaking loudly and one can only assume trying to stay dry.

On the way down the hill at the end of the day we saw that the female had decided to join him.
Ravens, huddled from the rain


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