Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PostHeaderIcon A call to experts: is this the head of a juvenile pigeon guillemot?

We could use some help figuring out what our ravens were eating that day.


Anonymous said...

Juvenile pigeon guillemots have an obvious white patch at the end of their bills...looks like a young corvid. You mentioned in a previous entry that there were two juvenile ravens? This could be a case of opportunistic siblicide.

Anonymous said...

perhaps your ravens were eating crow?

Sweep Commander said...

When we were hit with the suggestion about the young raven, BourbonHawk did her due diligence plus some and pulled up pictures of young ravens and young guillemots. As color and form change with age, none of this is exact to an amateur, but this guy looks quite a bit more like one of the young alcids BourbonHawk dug up than the corvids. Expect a post on this soon.

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