Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Mommy, what is "stacking"? Also, babies, babies, babies!

In polite company, we don't say these gulls are mating. We don't say they're courting or consummating their monogamous bond and for God's sake, we absolutely never say that they are engaging in the sexual exchange of genetic information necessary in the natural course of human and animal reproduction! No; feel free to take your child to Alcatraz, because the closest thing you'll hear to a four letter word on The Rock is "stacking", the eupha franca for the preceding act.


Yes, these acts produce babies.

I have no fear of becoming a cutecore blog. I relish the possibility. When given the choice between more or fewer fuzzy baby animals, I'll go with more every time. Not BR00TAL or metal at all, I know.

Snowy Egrets:

Dinosaurs, anyone?

Black Crowned Night Herons:

Hey ravens. Looks like you missed a few.

Common Ravens:

The young and thoughtful apex-apex predator leans out of the nest, vocalizes.

Dastardly bird feeds its little branchling. The little bird is hoping someday to be just as dastardly and objectionable as mom and dad.

Canada Goose!

click on the image for a larger size

Our last gosling says: "I'm gonna get THIS BIG!"


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