Sunday, July 4, 2010

PostHeaderIcon "This is a big honking deal, Mr. President!"

Okay, so Vice President Joe Biden didn't really say that about the surprise fledging of Ryan T. Gosling. But if he was familiar with the circumstances and the course of events surrounding the miraculous rise of the little guy, I'm sure he'd have a profane bit of glib sarcasm just for us.

In the following video, Ryan's learning to fly!


Odds, ends:

Cormorant chicks are about. Here's a photo from what is, to my knowledge, our only visible chick bearing nest.

Don't tell me that the word "dinosaur" doesn't occur to you when you see these images.

In the Alcatraz nesting season, sometimes an early failure can lead to a late success. In our last post, we speculated wildly and without credibility that the ravens might be double brooding. Take our suggestions there with a grain of salt.

With the following gull pair, we're on much safer ground.

Theirs was the very first gull nest we noticed this year and perhaps not coincidentally, it was also the first to bear young. Unfortunately, this was the best they could do:

It's not clear why, but none of their hatchlings survived for longer than a day or two. But mom and dad haven't given up. Here's a picture of Ryan T. Gosling and parents walking by their renewed efforts:

And this last week, we finally managed to photograph an egg:

It's a bit difficult to see, but if you focus your attention on the area between the parent gull's two pink legs, you should be able to pick it out.

And finally, as we boarded the boat home the other day, this guy, Mr. elusive great blue heron was waiting for us on the rocks near the dock, scanning the water for easy prey:


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