Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Brief updates from the elusive BourbonHawk

  • -- The Great Blue Heron has become a regular at our dock in the early evening. I went a couple of years only seeing him a handful of times and now it seems like every day when we come down to board the last boat around 6, he's there hanging out. One of our GSRs tells me she sees him fishing there quite often, and lately he's been steadily harassed by the gulls.
  • -- Common Murres are definitely on the island now. Several NPS staff members have told us they've seen them below the laundry building and today we confirmed this with a few of our biologist interns. They apparently are also seen pretty often flying by the west side of the island. We're going to have to keep a lookout. While not uncommon in the bay, I've certainly never seen one on the island, so this is rather exciting. It also lends a little more credibility to our guess at what our female peregrine was eating here.
  • -- The WeGu pair that relaid, seen at the end of this post, have had their new clutch hatch! When we came upon them yesterday, one of the chicks was already dead, one was alive and moving about, and one egg had yet to hatch. With my binoculars I spotted another newly hatched clutch on the Parade Ground, and today our biologist interns Laura and Rachel showed us another more easily-viewable nest with a newly hatched chick. We thought the cuteness was gone for the year. We were WRONG.
  • -- Tiercel our tiercel hasn't been seen in a while. All I have to say about that is: Buddy, you're gonna be sorry if our lovely lady falcon from last year shows up again and you've already flown off for greener pastures.


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